Deciding What to Ask About Ourselves

Why is peer-reviewed scholarship the sole standard for judging philosophic work, rather than also considering the impacts that such work has on the larger world? And why are there only two social roles for those with PhDs in philosophy – to teach undergraduates, and to talk to other PhDs in philosophy?

In an interview that Michel Foucault gave to Paul Rabinow shortly before his death Foucault spoke of his concern with “what one could call the problems or, more exactly, problematizations” – how we decide what questions do or do not get asked (Rabinow, 1984; quoted in Rinella 2011). Philosophers have not asked questions about their disciplinary status. Nor have they developed robust accounts of the societal impacts of their research. Nor have they given serious thought to their institutional housing. And so we seek to problematize a series of questions that have not passed philosophic muster.  #SocratesTenured