Philosophy Policy

We believe that it’s time for a ‘philosophy policy’ or humanities policy analogous to science policy. Indeed, we believe that this is already beginning to germinate. While Mode 1 philosophy–traditional disciplinary research–is still the reigning orthodoxy, there is a growing countermovement within the ranks of philosophers, sometimes lumped under the title of “public philosophy.” We call our own version of this Mode 2 work “field philosophy.” There are a number of similar approaches in areas such as environmental justice, critical race theory, feminism, and bioethics that we recognize as allies. We support and celebrate these diverse approaches to Mode 2 philosophizing. But we believe that the lack of thought given to the institutional dimensions of philosophizing has limited the effectiveness of this work. A new philosophical practice, where philosophers work in real time with a variety of audiences and stakeholders, will lead to new theoretical forms of philosophy – once we break the stranglehold that disciplinary norms have upon the profession. #SocratesTenured