Big Idea List for 2015

We are very happy to hear that our good friend finds his new book, A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking, on the DailyBeast’s Big Idea List for 2015. Congrats!

If your idea of a philosopher is some ivory tower denizen with nothing but contempt for real-world issues, you need to meet Adam Briggle. A philosophy professor at the University of North Texas, Briggle and his Denton neighbors successfully defeated attempts at hydraulic fracturing in their area. But this David and Goliath story of the little guy versus the vested interests of the energy business does not stop there. The fascinating part of the story is how Briggle encouraged the use of philosophy’s tools in a practical issue, an issue that he realized lent itself superbly to philosophical investigation precisely because there were competing arguments of merit on both sides. His account of that debate resulted an invaluable, and truly inspiring, book.

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