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Briggle_bioAdam Briggle is an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies at the University of North Texas. He holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado and served for three years as a postdoctoral fellow working on the philosophy of technology at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. His research and teaching interests focus on the intersections of ethics and policy with science and technology. He is author of A Rich Bioethics: Public Policy, Biotechnology, and the Kass Council (2010, University of Notre Dame Press), co-author of Ethics and Science: An Introduction (2012, Cambridge University Press), and co-editor of The Good Life in a Technological Age (2012, Routledge Press). He is also the author of A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking (2015, Liveright Press) and co-author with Robert Frodeman of Socrates Tenured: The Institutions of 21st Century Philosophy (2016, Rowman & Littlefield). He is a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Philosophy & Technology and serves on the Executive Committee of the Public Philosophy Network.

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies – Adam Briggle
Office: ENV 225G

robert-frodeman-29fb2657-0e2c-4cf6-b983-0dc7757bf9f-resize-750Robert Frodeman is a Professor and director of the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity at the University of North Texas. A student of Alphonso Lingis and Stanley Rosen, Frodeman works in the areas of environmental ethics and environmental philosophy, the philosophy of geology, and the philosophy of science policy, and has written an extensive body of peer-reviewed academic work in these areas. Throughout his work he emphasizes the role that philosophy can play in addressing ongoing societal controversies such as acid mine drainage, global climate change, and Hurricane Katrina. His most recent work focuses on the theory and practice of interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge. Frodeman also is part of UNT’s emphasis on ‘field philosophy’ where philosophers emphasize working with scientists, engineers, and policy makers rather than an extensive focus on writing and working with other philosophers.As of the fall of 2008 Frodeman is the founding director of UNT’s Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (CSID). CSID focuses on identifying best practices for interdisciplinary research and education, and views the last 100 years of disciplinarity across the academy as breaking down under the pressure of complex problems and the overproduction of knowledge. Frodeman is also the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity (2010) and co-author with Adam Briggle of Socrates Tenured: The Institutions of 21st Century Philosophy (2016, Rowman & Littlefield).

Professor – Bob Frodeman
Office: ENV 320F