Chinese-American Field Philosophy Research Group

USA-ChinaSince 2011, we have hosted five visiting scholars from China who have studied environmental philosophy, the ethics of science and technology, field philosophy, and the philosophy of impacts with us at UNT. This work continues after our colleagues return to China. Products to date include:

  • Frodeman, Robert, Holbrook, J. Britt, Mitcham, Carl, and Hong Xiaonan. Peer Review, Research Integrity, and the Governance of Science – Practice, Theory, and Current Discussions. Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2012
  • Frodeman, Robert, 2012. “Philosophy Dedisciplined,” Synthese, July 2013, Volume 190, Issue 11, pp. 1917-1936. Published in Chinese “哲学的去学科化”), in 价值论与伦理学研究,2012年卷,北京:新 出版社,第66-83
  • A Chinese translation of Socrates Tenured: The Institutions of 21st Century Philosophy (forthcoming).
  • A Chinese translation of  Sustainable Knowledge (forthcoming)
  • A Chinese Translation of A Guide to Field Philosophy: How to Use Philosophy to Change the World, An edited volume, Evelyn Brister and Robert Frodeman (forthcoming)
  • A Chinese Translation of A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking, Adam Briggle (forthcoming)
  • A Chinese Translation of From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone, Paul Thompson (forthcoming)

Our Chinese Team

Zhang Wei, Associated Professor of Central China Normal University


Research areas: philosophy of technology and ethics of technology, with a focus on materializing morality to nudge humans to be ethical, the moral agency of artifacts, and the use of technology to solve social problems.


Lu Wenlong, Lecturer at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics


Research areas: philosophy of technology, ethics of technology, field philosophy, and Marxist philosophy.






Yang Jun, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences


Research areas: Ethics, Ecological Civilization, Environmental Ethics, Sustainability, Marxism









Fan Yangcheng, Associated Professor of Beijing Forestry University

zoeResearch areas: Ecological Civilization, Ecological Civilization Construction Index; Environmental Philosophy; Philosophy of Science, Scientific Discovery Methodology; Natural History.

Yin Wenjuan, Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society, Northeastern University

wenjuanResearch areas: Philosophy of Technology; History of Technology; Science, Technology and Society (STS); Ethics of Technology.