From the LSE Impact blog, a complementary attempt to codify best practices for achieving impact: Drawing on a range of evidence-based principles that underpin impact delivery, The Research Impact Handbook by Mark Reed aims to equip researchers with the skills and confidence needed to embed impact in their own research. Steven Hill, Head of Research Policy at HEFCE, […]

Another instance of the gap between knowledge production and knowledge use, and what some federal funding agencies in the US are doing about it. Eli Berman, a professor of economics at the University of California at San Diego, does work that many would see as vitally important: He analyzes global trouble spots in the hopes […]

I sympathize with pleas like this one for academics to resist the pressures of the impact agenda. Serendipity clearly is a factor in achieving influence, and no doubt there are many historical examples of academic work that has achieved significant impact without its progenitors having any intention of doing so. But is it not the case that serendipity is […]

Colleague Steve Fuller describes our philosophy of impact project in a recent publication: Value for Money in Academic Research: the Role of Impact. In this article , I write as the UK partner of an exploratory project funded by the US National Science Foundation to critically evaluate current approaches to the broader ‘impacts’ of research. Our aim is to […]

Our colleagues at Daily Nous highlight the piece we wrote at LSE Blog last month with Kelli Barr:  Achieving Escape Velocity… There is a lot to mull over here. Are philosophers not making enough of an impact? If so, is the culprit the discipline-based university? Are philosophers trained to “transmit” their knowledge to society? Should they […]

Today even the humanities are expected to have an impact. In the 2014 REF, for instance, philosophy formed one of 36 ‘units of assessment’. In a previous post we raised the question of impact for the field of applied philosophy. We argued that applied philosophers, a field that should be brimming with impacts, have fallen […]